Monday, September 12, 2016

Affordable Divorce....What a Good Attorney Tells You?? Read Below.......

Affordable Family Law Cases, Raise/Lower Support
Modify custody and visitation
Trial Issues
and more..........
So, what are the characteristics of a good lawyer in divorce cases?

First, the hallmark of a good lawyer is that he or she will tell a client the truth, and not pretend that everything is easy or fast. Pointing out the good and bad possibilities will give clients a better idea of what they are facing. 
A good lawyer gives clients truthful facts, and sometimes bad news. WHY?  
Because we deal with reality, not fiction, not stories, not lies.
In divorce cases there may seem to be crummy news...but you don't need to go broke paying the attorney necessarily--- you want an attorney you feel cares about your situation, who genuinely wants to help you, and isn't just there to take your hard earned income.  Some of the following may take place:
--There will not necessarily be enough money to maintain the same living style you were used to.... 
--Possibly,  the family home will have to be sold. In some cases, the parties may have options they don't know about.
--Parent may spend more time, or  less time with the children than before....
--The children may misbehave or exhibit other  problems, which may take time to solve 
Clients sometimes don't understand how the law operates, since they are not attorneys, and may be surprised
or upset to find out how it might affect them.


Affordable divorce is possible if you find the right attorney. 

Contact us to see how we can work for you at a lower cost without losing the case!! Years of experience with difficult cases.
Attorney fees are normally about 45% less than other attorneys.

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